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Community Profile

Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation signed an adhesion to Treaty Eight in July 25-27, 1899 under Chief Maurice Pische, Headmen Alexander Toussaint and Laurent Dziddie.   Maurice Pische’s Band split in the 1950s to form the Fond Du Lac (Gani Koe) and Black Lake Denesuline First Nations. The Denesuline hunted, fished, trapped, and gathered as a way of life on the land and continue to present day.

Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation is situated between the communities of Uranium City in the west and Stony Rapids to the east.

The community is isolated, with no permanent road connections to Southern Saskatchewan.  It is accessible by air year round, by boat in the summer and by an ice road in winter that connects it with Stony Rapids.  Fond Du Lac is one of the three Denesuline First Nations of Prince Albert Grand Council and one of the nine in the province of Saskatchewan under the umbrella of Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.  This community, however, also lacks year-round road connection with the south but discussions with provincial, federal governments, and private sector are underway for an all weather road access of Highway 905.

Community infrastructure comprises an airstrip and terminal, band business office complex, school and teacherages, fire hall, arena, nursing station and nursing staff residency, day care, youth and wellness center and various community maintenance facilities. The main community area of the Fond du Lac Denesuline First Nation Reserve is located on the northeast side of Lake Athabasca. The band has a total land base of 36,812 ha; total population of Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation is over 1790.   Through Convention is a member of both the Prince Albert Grand Council and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN).