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Fond Du Lac Denesuline is governed under a Band Customary Election Act based on a two year term appointment.  The Chief and Council are governed by the Executive Act and the Election Act Provisions.  Fond Du Lac Reserve Number 351 is a Section 11 First Nation under the Indian Act.

Title Surname Given Name Extension # EMAIL
Chief  Adam  Rudy ext 230
Councillor  Pacquette  Tanya ext 226
Councillor  Liebel  May ext 232
Councillor  Stenne  Joyce ext 233
Councillor  Laurent  WillieJohn ext 229
Councillor  McDonald  Georgie ext 229
Councillor  Fern  Terry ext 233


Randhile, Loretta Admin Assistant  email:  306 686 2102 ext 221

McDonald, Darryl CEO email:  306 686 2102 Ext 225

Lidguerre, Tammy  Health Director   email:  306 686 2194